Lyttelton Health Centre Sustainability Aspirations

At the Lyttelton Health Centre, we believe it is as important to look after the health of the planet, as it is to look after your personal health.

We have undertaken many steps to reduce energy consumption, reduce waste and our use of the earth’s resources. These steps include:

  • Installing energy efficient lighting in the reception and office area that automatically reduces output when there is enough natural daylight. This is to reduce power consumption and extend lamp life.
  • Retrofitting energy efficient electronic ballasts to existing fluorescent lights in consulting rooms to reduce power consumption and eliminate any ‘flicker’ from the lights.
  • Installing LED lamps in other areas to reduce power consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Installed double glazed and tinted, low ‘E’ glass for the main window in the waiting room. This is to reduce heat loss in winter and thermal gain (heat) in the summer. Thus making it more comfortable for our patients.
  • Energy efficient heat pumps have been installed to replace old radiant heaters.
  • Extra insulation has been added in the walls and ceiling to reduce heat loss.
  • Automatic sensors have been installed in some rooms to turn lights ‘on’ and ‘off’ depending on occupancy. These have been very successful and we plan to install more.
  • We have a staff policy to turn ‘off’ lights and equipment when not in use.
  • Always looking at how we can operate more efficiently or use new technology to reduce our energy consumption.
  • Recycling of paper and suitable materials.
  • All green waste is taken home for direct composting for the garden. Our volume is low, so the use of a green wheelie bin would be a waste.
Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

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After Hours Medical Care

For direct medical support during surgery closure, we recommend our patients to attend the 24 Hour Surgery, located at:

Pegasus House, 401 Madras Street
Ph: 03 365 7777